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Hendrik is a South African artist with two decades’ experience across numerous creative fields, having worked as an exhibiting fine artist, corporate illustrator, and everything in between. Currently most of his work falls within the film industry, providing storyboards, concept art and set design for both feature film productions and TV advertisement.

As production illustrator for The Great Australian Bake Off, he recently crossed the threshold of having illustrated over one thousand food items over the show’s seven season run. May there be many more!

When not busy with client work, he runs Flying Dutchman Walls, a niche wallpaper company, with his wife, Shanna. You can find out about that more here.

Hendrik currently resides in Sydney and is always on the lookout for new projects and challenges to keep him on his toes.




Once contacted, we will discuss style, scope of the job and overall expectations.

From there I will produce style samples in order to establish overall look/suitability and a rough time-frame. This gives us the basic pieces to extrapolate what we need in terms of timings, budget and final product, providing the client a firm sense of what to expect as we progress, removing most of the guesswork.

Uncertainty is no good, so communication is key in keeping a project on course and delivered successfully.



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