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Hendrik is a South African storyboard artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry. With more than fifteen years’ experience across all manner of creative roles, his projects have included illustrating postage stamps, visually directing military simulators, doing layouts for childrens’ books and storyboarding countless TV ads.

Completing a diploma in animation and working as a photographic assistant (not to mention having an intense love of film) has contributed to an ingrained knowledge of film language, the production process and visual storytelling. A number of years were also spent early on working as an exhibiting fine artist, which has provided a strong foundation in traditional media such as ink and oil paint. The remaining frontier is 3D, but he is hard at work on that as well.

Hendrik currently resides in Sydney and is always on the lookout for new projects with new challenges to be figured out. It keeps him on his toes.

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Once contacted, we will discuss style, scope of the job and overall expectations.

From there I will produce style samples in order to establish overall look/suitability and a rough time-frame. This gives us the basic pieces to extrapolate what we need in terms of timings, budget and final product, providing the client a firm sense of what to expect as we progress, removing most of the guesswork.

Uncertainty is no good, so communication is key in keeping a project on course and delivered succesfully.

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